The 2011 I.S.L.A.N.D. Contest
Contestant Photos
The rules for our first I.S.L.A.N.D. Contest were simple. Purchasers of I Shall Not Die were asked to take a photo of themselves holding a copy of the book (or the eBook) and to email it to us. Each picture represents a qualified contestant.

The slideshow above contains all of the entries that were submitted. Each photo was alphabetized (by first name) and assigned a number. On July 6, 2011, an electronic number drawing was conducted by an outside source, and the number chosen was "16," naming Yolanda Gore, from Myrtle Beach, SC, the winner.  

Congratulations, Yolanda!  

Yolanda will receive the gift pack pictured below, which includes an I.S.L.A.N.D. Tote, an I.S.L.A.N.D. T-shirt, an I.S.L.A.N.D. Word Watch, two I.S.L.A.N.D. silicon bracelets, an I.S.L.A.N.D. Jewelry Mark, and an autographed copy of I Shall Not Die that she can gift to a friend!

Another I.S.L.A.N.D. Contest will be coming up soon . . . and the winner of that one will have to pack their bags in order to enjoy it. Don't miss out. Start sending in your photos today (email to Those who entered in our first contest will automatically be entered into our upcoming one unless you choose not to participate, so if you have already sent a photo, there's no need to send another. You automatically qualify!

Haven't you gotten your copy of I Shall Not Die yet?  Order yours today so that you can enter our next contest!